Overheard On The Way To School

Listening to Andy McKee on the way to school:

KatyBeth: “I love this song.”

AD: “Me too. It’s a beautiful song.”

KatyBeth: “I’ll bet his dad was blown away by that song.”

AD: “Oh, I’m sure he was.”

KatyBeth: “And all I did was make you a stupid birdhouse for Father’s Day.”

AD: “The birdhouse was not stupid. The birdhouse was very special, because you made it.”

KatyBeth: “Yeah, but it’s not enough. If I could play guitar like Andy McKee, I’d write you a song for all the world to hear.”

AD: “I’m taking the long-term view. So one day when you win the Nobel Prize, just mention me in your acceptance speech. Deal?”

KatyBeth: “Deal.”

My kid seriously rocks.

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