Kilted To Kick Cancer 2013 Is Only Five Days Away!

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Raise funds for Prostate Cancer Foundation

Raise funds for LiveStrong

We've been unable to set up a fundraising site for our other charity, Blue Cure, that will allow us to keep a tally of individual donations, so here's what you can do:

If you'd like to support Blue Cure, set up an inividual fundraising page on GoFundMe. Name your page Kilted to Kick Cancer [insert your name here]. Each Friday in September, send me a screen shot of your page and I'll add your totals to the standings. If you're doing an individual fundraiser or soliciting donations at work, do the same thing – scan or take a photo of the check you're sending, and I'll add it to your totals.

Review the contest rules here. We'll be adding new prizes throughout September, so the fundraising prize packages will only get sweeter as we go.

So sign up, strap on, and get kilted!


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