You Want Enticements? I Got Enticements!

Yeah, Jay G. is giving away all sorts of schwag for people who donate to his Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraising campaign, and I may even donate $5 myself to get a chance at winning that schweeeet AR15 lower (serial # KTKC 2013, how cool is that??), but I have something even better.

I have LawDog stories.

For those of you who have been banging around the gun blogs for some time, you probably remember one of the best storytellers in the blogosphere, and lament his absence from regular posting.

Well, while he's been gone, my blogdaddy has been scratching his literary itch by entertaining his coworkers with awesome shift reports. Now, he's sharing them with us, and all he asks is that, if you like them, drop a few bucks to my Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraising campaign.

Not only that, it appears that Bugscuffle PD has given him official blessing to start blogging again!

So, not only do we get to guffaw at LawDog's puckish sense of humor at work, but there will be new blog posts to come!

So, drop by his blog and welcome him back, and while you're at it, drop a few bucks in my campaign sporran to fund cancer research.

Get Kilted, and get checked!

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