EMS Novelist Shout-Out: Racing the Reaper

A few months back, I got a book to review by paramedic and fledgling EMS novelist Jerrid Edgington.

The book, Racing the Reaper, chronicles the life and times of fictional EMT Jacob Myers. From the Amazon synopsis of the book:

After a life altering accident that nearly leaves Jacob Myers paralyzed, he feels his life is meant for something greater than the boring grind of an office job. Through his recovery process he comes to a decision to become an EMT.

In the fast paced world of emergency services, Jacob makes one mistake after another. Is the stress of holding other lives in his hands just too much for him?

Things go terribly wrong when a former patient stalks him and accuses him of sexual assault.

Will Jacob clear his name and rid his life of this mentally unbalanced woman or will he be trapped and imprisoned for something he didn’t do?

I liked Racing the Reaper. To be honest, the title made me cringe a bit, and some of the EMS care described in the book was a little dated. Jerrid could use some practice with character development, and the dialogue was a bit stilted, but all of those things are sins of a guy who is a paramedic by trade, not a writer, and should get better as he hones his writing skills.

The story is an entertaining one, and left me wanting to know what happens next, which is what the first book in a series is supposed to do.

He’s not on the level of a Peter Canning or Michael Morse, but the Racing the Reaper series is not a bad way to pass the time during those interminable late-night posts in an ambulance on a street corner somewhere.

And best of all, both books are available in Kindle format for a limited time for only $0.99. Give them a read.

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