Product Review: Blauer Clash Boot

A couple months back, the folks at Blauer sent me a pair of their new Clash LT 6″ lightweight tactical boots to review.


New boots, new jeans: Redneck courting apparel!

Now that I’ve had a couple of months beating around in them, I can give you my thoughts.

The Clash LT lightweight tactical boot is designed for warm weather, and weighs in at just 18 oz. Made of a tan, brushed suede and mesh upper mated to an EVA rubber midsole and an oil and slip-resistant rubber tread, the Clash boots feature eyelet holes in the arch for rapid water draining, and an antibacterial insole and lining.


No longer new, but still lookin’ good.

My pair required no break-in period, and were as comfortable as any tactical boots I’ve ever worn. Not much heavier than a pair of high-top sneakers, they’re well-suited for all-day wear.

Now, to the specifics:

Comfort/Wearability: A

Maybe even an A+. My Blauer Blitz 8″ boots were supremely comfortable right out of the box, requiring no break-in. These are lighter, and more comfortable than that.

Looks: B

Now, being suede and mesh, they’re not going to retain their good looks as long as a full-grain, polished leather boot, but these have held up through dirt, mud, grass stains and water submersion fairly well. A few swipes with a brush and a rinse with the hose and airing out, and they still look pretty decent.

Boa Lacing System: A+

They’ve made a believer out of me. The Boa laces on my Blitz boots have held up for a year now and are none the worse for wear, and they’ve even survived a gnawing by my puppy, Shine R. Bock.

They’re easy-on, easy-off, and can be tightened to provide fully adjustable ankle support. I’ll never go back to conventional laces or boot zippers, and the next pair of shoes I buy for KatyBeth will have Boa laces, as well.

Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with the looks, comfort and durability of Blauer boots. They’re easily the best two pair of tactical boots I’ve ever owned.

And they’re gonna look great next month with my kilts.

Kilt and Boots
Oh, and if you want a good pair of comfortable, cushioned, breathable, non-stinky socks to go with them, try the Blauer B. Cool 6″ performance socks. They were great.

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