Kilted to Kick Cancer Is Only 10 Days Away!

There have been some big changes with Kilted to Kick Cancer in the past month, the biggest of which is our official 501(c)3 charity designation!

If you plan to be one of our Kilted Fundraisers for 2014, we have a little change in the usual process. Just drop an email to [email protected], and tell him the name of the fundraising team you wish to register. It can be your own name, your blog name, your Internet nom de guerre, whatever you like, as long as it’s unique and distinctive, and…

… boom, you’re registered!

Donations can be made on the donation page at the Kilted to Kick Cancer website. Just direct your donors to that link, have them enter your team name and the amount, and you’re golden! We can track all your donations and post weekly update of fundraiser standings, but donors MUST DONATE ON BEHALF OF YOUR TEAM. That’s how we track your progress.

That page will be activated shortly before the fundraising challenge begins, so it’s important to email Justin ASAP and register your team!

Also, there has been a change to the contest rules. As as 501(c)3 charity, we can only award prizes for those funds donated through our charity.

You are still free to solicit donations for other cancer charities like Prostate Cancer Foundation, LiveStrong, Blue Cure, and the American Cancer Society, and we encourage you to do so, but only donations made on behalf of your team to Kilted to kick Cancer will count toward your fundraising totals.

If you still wish to solicit donations for one of the charities we’ve used in the past, drop me an email here, and I’ll give you the info necessary to sign up for PCF or LiveStrong.

And as always, if you’re willing to donate services, guns and gear for the fundraising prize packages, we’ll take ’em! And not only will we promote your business mercilessly, this year your donation is tax deductible!

Contest Rules are here.

KTKC downloads, banners and blog badges are here.

Tee shirts can be purchased here.

Get Kilted, and get checked!


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