Kilted To Kick Cancer 2016 Kicks Off At Midnight!

Are you ready?

If you were a fundraising team last year, you’re already in for this year. Just tell your donors to contribute to your fundraising campaign, same as they did last year!

We’ve got a couple of new teams this year, including a British entry!

We’ve got a great set of prize packages this year, and we’ll be adding to them throughout the month.

And for this year, even our donors can be eligible for a schweet prize! Every $10 donation gets a chance to win a Dreadnaught Industries AR15! Simply tell all your donors to forward their donation confirmation email or receipt to me at [email protected], and they’ll be entered in the drawing! A $50 donation gets you 5 chances, $100 gets you 10 chances, and so on, and it doesn’t matter whose campaign you support! All donors are subject to the same restriction on winning a firearm as the fundraising teams.


So let’s go make 2016 our best year ever!

Get Kilted, and get checked!

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