ConFinement IV

“So Kelly, how was your weekend?”

Glad you asked!

Had the pleasure of spending the weekend at a small sci-fi con in Lebanon, TN called ConFinement, organized by Michael Z. Williamson and Jessica Schlenker. Had a great time, participated in a few panels, told a few outrageous stories, and autographed a bunch of books. The con was obviously a labor of love for all concerned; there was as much work pitched in by enthusiastic attendees as by con staff.

Despite its small size, there were a number of sci-fi luminaries in attendance. Besides Mike, Toni Weisskopf was there doing an episode of the Baen Road Show, along with William Weber, Richard F. Weyand, Amie Gibbons, Jonathan R. Osborne and a sizeable contingent of my Tribe, the North Texas Troublemakers.

Nothing says “read Baen books” quite like a Thompson SMG.

Unfortunately, I arrived too late to participate in the range trip hosted by Mad Mike Friday morning, but I’ll be sure to plan for that next year.

In other news, Space Cowboys by Raconteur Press (LawDog’s publishing house) was released this week. It’s chock full of stories of, well… space cowboys. You’ve got interstellar drovers, interplanetary Texas Rangers pursuing desperadoes who have fled to other planets, and everything else you can imagine.

I don’t appear in this one, but you should buy and read for the many excellent stories by the other authors featured. My contribution will be the anchor story in the sequel, Gangsters of Love Maurice Space Cowboys II: Electric Rodeo, release date March 10. My story will be the pompatus of love entitled “Fistful of Credits.”

My next appearance will be at the World Steampunk Exposition and Makers Fair in Lafayette, LA on March 10-12, 2023. After that, I’ll be appearing at Fantasci in Durham, NC on March 23-26.

If any of my subscribers are in the neighborhood, drop by and get your books signed, and we’ll hang out and swap outrageous stories!

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