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A Little Wisdom for My EMS Peeps

There is no such thing as the perfect EMS system, nor is there such a thing as the ideal system design. You will spend your entire career looking, and never find one. And constantly looking makes you damaged goods. In your eyes, you’re the quixotic EMS gypsy always looking to better himself, but to the hiring managers you’re just a ...

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Taurus Curve Spotted In The Wild

Handled the Taurus Curve at the NRA Annual Meeting. Give it an A for Innovation. It’s a radical design. With a typical Taurus trigger. And non-existent sights. And integrated weapon light and laser sight that is totally counter-intuitive to activate. And a magazine that you have to pluck free from the well. Did I mention the thing has no friggin’ ...

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Cylon Guns*

A nice attendee agreed to pose with the rifle. If it had been the sales rep, no one would have noticed the gun.

“So, do you want to hear about the Double D BAMF?” As opening lines of sales pitches go, that one’s an attention-getter. When delivered by a female sales rep who accurately matches that description, it’s even more effective. Turns out, the DD BAMF stands for the “Dual Drop, Billet Aluminum Modular Firearm” from Cobalt Arms. I know it looks chrome ...

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Remington R51 Redux


Or maybe I should call it the redux of the redux, since last year’s launch was essentially a resurrection of the Remington 51, designed by John Pedersen way back in 1917. For a re-launch of essentially 97-year-old design theory, it generated positive buzz. A lot of positive buzz. And then people actually got a chance to buy and shoot it. ...

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Fanboi Geekout Mode: Activated

Two of Louisiana's finest: the fastest trigger finger in the world, and the biggest mouth in EMS.

Jerry Miculek was gracious enough to pose for a photo. I tried hard not to squee like a 13-year-old girl meeting Justin Bieber. There’s no other celebrity in Nashville I’d rather ask for a photo op. Although the blonde Century Arms booth babe in the red Ushanka hat runs a close second.  

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Overheard at the #NRAAM:

Joe Speer: “So I’m wading through this Sux O’ Luxe Truck, fishing around for the burrowing owl we sucked out amongst all the prairie dogs, and – ” Jay G: “What’s a Sux O’ Luxe Truck?” Joe: “It’s this giant vacuum truck that you use to suck prairie dogs right out of their burrows.” Jay: “Oooh, does it have a ...

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Inside Joke


Overheard at the #NRAAM: Blogger 1: “You totally missed Robert Farago’s striptease in the Press Room today.” Blogger 2: “Um, say what?” Blogger 3: “Dude dropped trou in the Press Office, tucked his shirt back in, and buckled back up, right in front of everybody.” Blogger 2: “Well, at least he was stripping out of his own clothes. For him, ...

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Observations From The Keynote Speeches

TL;DR Version: Gawd bless Murrica, we lurves our guns, please vote for me. As if you expected a politician to say anything else at the NRA Annual Meeting. That’s why I’m not much interested in any of the speechifying. Still… … Bobby Jindal, my governor, is probably the smartest of likely Republican Presidential candidates, and by a wide margin. He ...

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Yellow Freight Loses Entire @CharterArms Show Inventory

Oooh, that's gotta hurt.

Walking the show floor this morning, this sign attracted a lot of attention. Charter Arms shipped four crates to Nashville via Yellow Freight, plus a separate crate broken out from one of the others, with a separate tracking number and manifest. That fifth crate still hasn’t turned up. As it turns out, that crate contained approximately 70 guns in total, ...

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Checked In


Press pass in hand, route through the exhibit hall planned, caffeinated and fed, and soon to be posting stuff from the exhibit hall floor. Follow my Twitter feed (@AmboDriver) and look for the hashtag #NRAAM. Until then, here’s a pic of new friend and shooter Amy. Much ammo was turned into fun, smoke and noise yesterday.

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NRA Annual Meeting


I’m here, safely ensconced in our hotel room in Nashville with EMS Artifact. I’m thinking we’ll go pick up our press passes, and then there will be shooting, beer and barbecue this afternoon, although not necessarily in that order. Pics to follow, and regular updates will be posted from the press office. Stay tuned, but until then, here’s a funny:

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Inside EMS Podcast: The FTO and Mentoring

On this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I comment on the latest EMS news and events, and discuss the importance of the FTO being a teacher, mentor, and steward of the profession. Bottom line: if your agency’s FTO’s are chosen based upon seniority and protocol compliance instead of teaching ability and attitude, you’re doing it wrong. ...

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