Random Kilted Pic Of The Day

Someone is being a little camera shy today…

Since the nice lady at the grocery store was curious enough to ask about the kilt, I asked her to snap a pic after I told her why I was wearing it. She pressed $20 into my hand for cancer research, despite my protests, and favored her husband with a withering glare and said, "See? I told you that you should stop putting it off. One in six men get prostate cancer!"

So, I have another $20 to add to my PCF total, and another guy is probably going to go get his junk checked soon. I score that as a double win.

Speaking of wins, Jay G., Caleb and I are all hotly contesting the fundraising challenge, with DiverMedic lurking just back of the pack, ready to make his finishing kick. Now, I made a side bet with DiverMedic and Jay G. a while back, and finishing behind either of them would score me an extra helping of humiliation.

Don't let that happen, folks. Donate to Prostate Cancer Foundation or LiveStrong today. A $40 or greater donation gets you a signed book by Yours Truly. All you have to do is forward me your confirmation number or email.

I've got 8 books left, so get yours now!