On the Aurora, CO Shooting

I took KatyBeth and her little brother to a movie matinee on Wednesday. As she often does, she asked me, "Why are you carrying your gun to the movies, Daddy? Nobody's going to hurt us in there."

This is why.

12 families lost loved ones. 59 more lie in wait.

Out of respect for the dead, I will say no more. Unlike some, who would dance in the blood of the victims, politicizing the issue to further their own agendas, I will not.

Most of you know where I stand anyway.

We have no way of knowing whether an armed citizen would have limited or escalated the carnage. We simply do not. All I know is that events like this are why *I* carry a weapon, and always will. Follow your own conscience in that regard.

For the next few days, please, let's refrain from speculating and using this tragedy to support our particular political beliefs. Let's just say a prayer for the victims, and another for their families.

We have plenty of time to be assholes to each other in the coming weeks.