AAR: “The Medical Mindset,” by Travis Hall

Second in my reviews of medical training courses at #NRAAM2019 is Travis Hall’s “Medical Mindset: Are You Prepared?”

First in such short seminars is verifying the instructor’s bona fides. Travis “Doc T” Hall is an 18-Delta (special forces medical sergeant) from 5th SFG, with over 8 years combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That checks the box for “experience” right well.

Wasn’t much to be said about first aid techniques and skills, because the class was, after all, about mindset. Like Rob Wylie and Josh Bobko’s class yesterday, the focus was on preparedness and seeking training. He wasn’t hawking a product or a particular training doctrine, and he didn’t give out any bad information.

While not as polished a speaker as Wylie or Bobko, he made up for it in earnestness, and his message was a valid one: Hope is not a plan. You have to be prepared to care for yourself.

Travis pointed out the merits of adding medical components to your EDC gear, practicing with it regularly, and seeking valid training. His message can be boiled down to this:

1. Carry EDCM gear

2. Pick good equipment and know it.

3. Seek training from reputable trainers.

4. Game-plan and scenario.

5. Practice.

Like any class, there was also That Guy (well, since there were two of them, Those Guys), who veered off into Wingnutville in the Q&A about how prosecutors in NY and NJ will likely accuse you of “trying to finish them off” if you render aid to someone you just shot (yeah, try wrapping your head around that), and a volunteer firefighter who threw down the whole “you’ll get sued if you render care” myth. Travis shut both of them down politely, but professionally.

It was a good class. Nothing useful in it for me, but exactly what a citizenry that believes lifesaving should best be left to the professionals needs to hear:

“When seconds count, the police and EMS are only minutes away.”

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