Girsan MC1911SC Ultimate: 2000 Round Challenge

Okay, Girsan, let’s do this.

Today begins the 2000 round challenge of the Girsan MC1911SC Ultimate 9mm, imported by EAA.

If you’re unfamiliar with the 2000 round challenge, ala Tamara Keel and Todd Louis Green, read about it here. We’ll clean and lube the pistol according to manufacturer’s specs, and then put 2000 rounds of different types of ammo through it under varying conditions, and see how well it functions. Every malfunction is catalogued as to type of ammo, conditions, type of malfunction, and what magazine we were using.

I’ll be posting regular updates here, and look for an upcoming Arms Locker feature in Shooting Illustrated.

Of course, no extended handgun evaluation can be done without lots and lots of ammo, and I’d like to thank the kind folks at Lucky Gunner for helping out with this challenge. Increasingly, if you’re looking for ammo, common calibers or obscure, you can get it reliably, quickly, and at a fair price from Lucky Gunner.

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