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Overheard On The Bolance

Call from a little while ago:

AD: “Dude, I know your veins are shot, but I’m gonna have to stick you anyway. Your pressure sucks.”

Very Sick Tattooed Dude (sighing): “Do what you gotta do, man. Good luck finding one.”

*Five minutes later*

AD: “When this is all over, you need one new tatt, dude.”

VSTD: “Oh yeah, what?”

AD: “You need a bullseye right in this spot on your right forearm and a legend that says ‘BEST VEIN HERE’. Tell ‘em it’s deep, but it’ll take an 18.”

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  • Hillbilly Medic

    Lol, I’ve had similar conversations, Keepin it classy AD, Shout out from Morgantown WV!

  • Old_NFO

    At least you ‘found’ one! :-)

  • Scott Kenny

    $5 says he gets one!

  • skidmark

    When I hit the door of the lab the PA starts paging the one vampire who can actually find a vein that is not in my neck, behind my knee, or in my foot. And even she has complained that pediatric needles need to be longer to get to the tiny veins she sometimes finds. The ‘bolance guys have trwice gone to the neck ’cause I needed meds RFN! I have asked if the docs could install an indwelling port so I do not get to imitate a pincushion. So far, no luck. :(

    stay safe.


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