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Wait… What?

From Pravda MSNBC: Senators: Deal Reached On Background Checks.

Two key senators have reached a deal to expand background checks to firearms sales at gun shows and on the Internet, sources close to the negotiations said early Wednesday.

Um, guys? You already can't buy guns on the Internet without a background check. Go to one of the Internet sellers, Gunbroker, what have you, and purchase a gun. Said gun has to be shipped to a local FFL, who then does the standard background check, has you fill out a ATF Form 4473, the whole nine yards.

No background check, no gun.

The article is short on details (and facts, and accuracy, but hey, it's MSNBC), but it would seem that what senators Manchin and Toomey (R), State of Cowardice, propose is an expansion of background checks that really doesn't expand background checks.

I suppose that's better than the other kind of anti-gun legislation, the kind that stop gun crime without really stopping gun crime.

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  • Too Old To Work

    The media, not knowing much about guns, or politics for that matter, trumpets this as a big deal. It isn’t but it will be in November of 2014. That’s if the bill makes it to the floor for a final vote. A floor vote will require Democrat Senators in red states to go on the record with their votes. Which might not help them next year when they seek re election.

  • perlhaqr

    I’m primarily concerned about this:

    It’s why I was loathe to seek help for my depression from professionals in the first place, and if such a law had been on the books at the time, I certainly never would have.

    • Ambulance_Driver

      Yep, that could be problematic.

      I could live with the idea of a doctor being able to add you to the NCIS database directly, IF adequate safeguards are built in. Had that been in place, both the Giffords shooter and the Aurora shooter *might* have been stopped.
      The doctor should have to inform you first, it should be a psychiatrist, not an overworked ER doc, and the hold should have an automatic expiration date.
      Without those safeguards, there’s no way in hell I’d support that.

  • Deacon Pat

    Background checks are currently not required for private gun sales at gun shows here in Virginia. That bit really is a big deal for us and has already caused a firestorm for our own state Senate

  • Old_NFO

    You really didn’t EXPECT anything that makes sense did you???

  • kjellskaht

    Deacon Pat, background checks are not required for private sales *anywhere*. Be it at a gun show, your house, a neighbor’s yard, or the courthouse square, in your state or any other, a private citizen can sell pretty much anything he legally owns to another private citizen without the government sticking its nose into the matter. Such a sale at a gun show makes the transaction no more nefarious than it transpiring anywhere else.