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Some of you may have heard of Travis Corcoran, the blogger who, under his internet handle TJIC, had his Second Amendment rights revoked for daring to exercise his First Amendment rights.

After more than two years of legal battling, Travis had his Massachussetts FID reissued, and has re-applied for his Massachussetts LTC. No word on whether the po-po ever returned the firearms they confiscated in 2011. On July 4, the Arlington, MA Police Department  surrounded his apartment, demanding to search and inspect the premises, sans warrant, or for that matter, any accusation of a crime:

Well, TJIC got his Massachusetts FID* reissued, and has reapplied for an MA LTC**.

Now the local po-po*** is surrounding his crib, wanting to inspect the premises. Without a warrant. In the suburbs of Boston. On Independence Day.

Is irony dead in this country?

I don't much like Travis Corcoran. In fact, I think he's an asshole. The man compared me to a Nazi death camp guard and the Saudi secret police, right here on my own blog.

But being an asshole isn't a crime, and nowhere in our Constitution does it say that exercising our Second Amendment rights requires us to give up the protections of the First and Fourth Amendments. Not only did they enter his dwelling without a warrant and without cause, they also confiscated his legally owned firearms… again.

If we let this action stand uncondemned, we might as well give up our rights altogether, because due process of law means nothing any more.

I stand with TJIC.

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  • Old_NFO

    Good point. Dammit…

  • sstabeler

    agreed- i might be pro-gun control, but if someone legally owns a firearm, thne should not be subject to arbitary search & seizure.

  • Tam

    they also confiscated his legally owned firearms…

    Even worse than that, they confiscated his fiancee’s guns, and they can’t be using harsh language as an excuse, because I don’t know I’ve ever heard Jenn even say anything really mean about anybody in my life.

  • GorillaMedic

    What constructive actions can we take to support TJIC and condemn the tyrants here?

    • Ambulance_Driver

      Aside from subjecting Arlington PD to the light of public ridicule, I know of little we can do directly.

      But being silent on the issue sure doesn’t make it any less politically uncomfortable for them.

  • Divemedic

    I agree with you. There are many bloggers that I respect and admire, that I have had disagreements with. That doesn’t mean that any of us should be silenced by government action.

  • Scott Kenny

    The worst part is, I bet TJIC is just about broke from the last legal battle.

    I’m thinking that the Arlington, MA PD needs to surrender badges and pensions over this. I’d normally include the DA’s office, but the DAs didn’t sign warrant paperwork!

  • Matt G

    I’ve never doubted that you were a good man, AD, and I won’t start now.