KTKC Standings: Week Two

Well, we're halfway through Kilted to Kick Cancer 2013, and well short of halfway to our goal.

Will you help us reach our goal of $50,000?

Jeff Brosius is offering chances at a case of the craft-brewed beer of your choice, and has vowed to wear a kilt during our November duck hunt if you help him reach his fundraising goal of $1500. I'll capture his misery on pictures and video, and post it for all to see. You can donate to Jeff's campaign here.

Jay G. is offering chances at an awesome selection of gunnie schwag if you donate to his campaign. You can do that here.

Stingray has joined us again this year with cute puppy pictures and has stolen a page from the Book of Brosius and offered chances at a case of craft beer of his own design. Folks, Nerd Beer is ambrosia. He's even  vowed to drag Labrat back to the blogging keyboard if you get him over $500. Donate to Stingray's campaign here.

Michael Hast has one-upped all of us and offered to name a product after his top donor from 2013. Michael's custom holsters are some of the best custom leather holsters you'll find out there, and a couple of his products are in those prize packages.Not only that, but Michael has vowed to pass on any prize package he wins to his donors. If you put him into the top three fundraisers, he will raffle off his prizes to the people who donated to his campaign. Donate to his campaign here.

Less than an hour after this campaign began, I had a gray-haired grandmother named Ruth Hoffman donate $150 to my campaign. Now, $150 is nothing to sneeze at, but it is even more impressive when you consider that it is 10% of the monthly income of a retiree living on a fixed income.

If she can do that, you can donate something.

I'm not asking you to donate to me.

I'm not asking you to donate to one of the other top fundraisers.

But if you haven't donated to anyone yet, I want you to adopt a fundraiser on our list who has very few donations, and put some money into their campaign. Tell your friends to do the same. I'd like to see every one of our fundraisers bring in at least $200.

So, without further ado, the standings for Week Two, as of 0530 CST on September 15, 2013:

  1. Jay G.                           $1310
  2. Jim Curtis                   $920
  3. Jeff Brosius                $578
  4. Kelly Grayson             $540
  5. Angus McThag           $375
  6. Michael Hast               $295
  7. Scott Coykendall        $210
  8. Fred Simons               $165
  9. Justin Schorr               $50
  10. Stingray                        $50
  11. Matthew Smith            $35
  12. Mark Anderson           $25
  13. Graeme Goodwin      $20
  14. Barron Barnett            $5
  15. John Broyles               $5
  16. Tim Brown                   $5
  17. Joseph Miller              $5

Week Two Total:                     $4593     


It's time to step on the gas, folks!

Get Kilted, and get checked!