On Kevin, MD today, Julia Frank, MD demonstrates that being delusional is apparently no barrier to practicing psychiatry. She writes about the Washington Navy Yard shooting, and even manages to do some shilling for ObamaCare in the process:

Perhaps because he did not have an assault rifle, the death toll was much less than it might have been. But my religious tradition teaches us that whoever saves single life,  it is as if he had saved a whole world. The twelve victims and the gunman himself  were  each a world lost, lost in a sea of inadequate gun regulations, NRA obstructionism, and a society that puts the right to have a weapon before almost any other right of citizenship.

Read the comments, where other physicians rightly call her out on her shoddy logic, and point out that the problem is the total lack of inadequacy of our mental healthcare system, and not easy access to guns.

Doctors, defending gun rights and pointing the blame where it belongs, right there on Kevin, MD.

Never thought I'd see the day.