Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014: The Winners!

Fundraising Challenge total as of midnight CST, Tuesday, September 30 are $14,843. Our top three fundraisers this year are:

  1. Team JayG: $3,715
  2. Team Borepatch: $2,303
  3. Team… too close to call!

Several teams were neck and neck right down to the wire, and we’re going to wait until we credit the undesignated donations within the next 24 hours before we announce the 3rd place winner. I’ve got at least another $100 in uncredited donations myself, and there’s enough uncredited donations out there to tip the balance for the teams vying for 3rd place.

For those of you wondering, a number of donations that were meant to be made on behalf of fundraising teams were made to the general fund. The people who made those donations realized their mistake, and emailed us to make sure the donations were properly credited. We’re going to do that, and then announce the 3rd place winner.

Remember, the way it works is, JayG gets first pick of the fundraising prize packages, Borepatch picks second, and our third place fundraiser gets the remaining prize packages.

We had 24 Kilted fundraisers on the board this year, and their efforts spurred us on to our 2nd highest fundraising total ever! After we announce the official count, we’ll be doing a little something for our Kilted fundraisers to show our appreciation.

Tonight ends our 2014 Fundraising Challenge, but this is not the end of Kilted to Kick Cancer. We’re not going to take a rest, because cancer doesn’t.

Thanks for all your support, and…

… get Kilted! Get checked!