KTKC 2016: Week Three Standings

Well, we’re 26 days into the Kilted to Kick Cancer 2016 Fundraising Challenge, and our total is $6,126.

Team Dragon (54) $2,621.00
Team Soul Crusher (11) $1,150.00
Team Ambulance Driver (17) $710.00
Team JBro (6) $495.00
Team Happy Medic (3) $420.00
Team HBC Concealment (5) $245.00
Team Larry and the Limey (4) $205.00
Team JayG (1) $100.00
Team Squidfoo (3) $95.00
Team Lexington Fire (1) $30.00
Team Corpus Christi (1) $20.00
Team Fir na Dli (1) $20.00
Team Guns & Coffee (1) $15.00

That’s well behind our 2015 pace, but we still have time to get us over $10k for this year’s campaign! I’m currently in third place with $710, thanks to a donation from the estate of Gay Cynic, my friend who we lost to cancer a few months back.

So for me, this is personal. I still grieve Ray, and losing him is still too raw for me to find the words to do my friend justice.

I really, REALLY want to get over $1000 this year on my personal fundraising campaign, and I want to see #KTKC2016 top $10k for the year, so please donate. Every $10 donation to any fundraiser gets you in the raffle for a Dreadnaught Industries custom AR15, if you forward your donation receipts to me at [email protected]

I’m also busy editing the sequel to En Route, and I offer the same deal as last year: $50 or greater donation to my fundraising campaign gets you named as a character in the book. Those of you who donated in 2015, please remind me, as I’ve had a computer crash and lost the names of my qualifying donors from 2015.

Team Dragon is way out in front, and there’s no way we’ll catch him, but Team JBro, Team HBC Concealment, and Team Larry and the Limey are all within striking distance of one another for the other three prize packages. Y’all chip in and support your favorite fundraiser, and let’s see if we can’t make a horse race out of this!

Get Kilted, get checked!