Kilted to Kick Cancer Fundraising Challenge: The Winners!

Okay folks, this is it. With the support of some generous vendors (all of whom I'll be spotlighting in coming days), we put together prize packages worth over $1,000 each. It was a spirited competition, with side challenges and counter challenges, dares, double-dog dares, bribery and shameless begging by all participants…

… and we've raised $22,475.55 in just 30 days.

So without further ado, the final standings:

  1. Jay G.                                                      $6,525
  2. Michael Hast                                          $2,263
  3. Stingray                                                   $2,260
  4. Motorcop (ineligible)                             $1,984
  5. Justin Schorr (ineligible)                     $1,769
  6. Kelly Grayson (ineligible)                    $1,356
  7. Joseph Miller                                         $1044
  8. Jeff Brosius                                            $863
  9. Old NFO                                                  $845                                       
  10. Caleb Giddings                                     $665.55

On Wednesday night, Justin Schorr and Motorcop put on a kilted fundraiser for Blue Cure that brought in $2,148. We figured it was entirely possible that their totals would vault them into the top three in the standings, and while they still thought they had a reasonable shot at winning, both of the founders of Kilted to Kick Cancer graciously declared themselves ineligible for prize packages.

Classy guys, both of them.

Just like last year, it was a real horse race at the end. In the last 20 minutes of the campaign, Michael Hast scored a donation of $100 on his LiveStrong page that moved him into second place, beating Stingray by a measly three bucks.

So, Jay G. will have first choice among the prize packages, Michael Hast will choose second, and Stingray will have the remaining prize package.

I'd like to thank everyone who donated, and all of the 38 fundraisers in Kilted To Kick Cancer 2012. Those listed in bold font are members of the $500 Club:

Joseph Boyer

John Broyles

Nathan Bush

William Clark

Scott Coykendall

Ron Davis

Caleb Deck

Michael DeVietro

Wayne Evans

Michael Farnette

Kevin Flynn

Jason Gardiner

Jim Grieco

Ian Haliczer

Tim Hill

Jason Lawless

Angus McThag

J.D. Meyerdirk

Kevin Reiter

April Saling

Jason Scheiderer

Daniel Scott

Matthew Smith

Patrick St. Jean

Dan Terrill

Elizabeth Weiner

Anthony Winfree

Garrett Wisher

Folks, I cannot be more pleased with how well this went. I'd like to give big props to the gunblogging community, who once again stepped up to the plate to raise money for male-specific cancer research. Don't get complacent, though, you gunbloggers. Next year, my EMS peeps and I will be gunning (so to speak) for your title.

As luck would have it, the top three fundraisers will all be at Blogorado next week, and we'll distribute their prizes and get all their challenges recorded on video for posterity.

And before we close the books on the 2012 Kilted to Kick Cancer Fundraising Challenge, I want to give props to one guy who helped make this happen. He's one of the truly good guys of the blogosphere, and a more generous soul you will never meet. He participated in the fundraising challenge, raised a good chunk of money, and is directly responsible for procuring at least as many of the items in the prize packages as I did… and never wanted a bit of credit for it.

Old NFO, stand up and take a bow. This fundraiser owes a big chunk of its success to you, my friend. We'll be sure to hoise a few beers in your honor next week at Blogorado.

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