Me And My Big Mouth

Okay, so I’m at Blogorado, and one of my gun blogger friends asks me,”So when are you shaving half your mustache?”

I replied that since I hadn’t won the fundraising challenge, I wasn’t shaving anything. Of course, they asked me what it would take to get me to shave my mustache and wax my junk.

$150,” I replied, not taking them seriously.

Money raised in two minutes and fourteen seconds.

Fifteen more minutes, and we had raised $315 for me to shave my ‘stache and wax everything below the shoulders.

I’m going on record that few men will submit to a full body waxing to raise money for a good cause.

If you want to chip in, the links are still on the sidebar.

And to steal a few words from Woodrow F. Call, “I guess that’ll teach me to be more careful what I promise in the future.”

Video and audio to come…

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