While We’re On The Subject of Ad Hominem Attacks and Ridicule…

… I give you this snippet from a comment thread on Kevin, MD.

Molly RN: The weapon of the day when the 2'nd ammendment was written was the single shot musket. I believe in the right to bear a single shot musket and that is the only weapon allowed under the 2'nd ammendment, if you want to be a strict constructionist like the Scalia. Actually if the Founding Fathers weren't talking about a militia having the right to bear arms, then why in hell do they put well trained militia so prominent in the sentence?

Ambulance Driver: The communication tools of the day when the First Amendment was written were oral speeches, quill pens, and the printing press. Yet here you are exercising your right of free speech on the Internet.

Your argument is invalid.

Molly RN: What a sad person you are to prefer guns to children's lives.

Ambulance Driver: And what a sad and contemptible person you are, that you cannot see the logical fallacy in your own argument, and instead resort to making baseless assumptions and ad hominem attacks.

You behave like a child.

Molly RN: Your argument is invalid.

Ambulance Driver: You state that the founding fathers did not envision anything beyond muskets when they wrote the Second Amendment, and when I point out that they couldn't have possibly envisioned the medium you're using to express your First Amendment rights, either, your reply is that I value assault rifles more than the lives of children.

No statement I have made in this thread gives you reason to assume such a thing.

So yes, you are behaving like a petulant child.

What's your next tactic, "I'm rubber, you're glue?"

Molly RN: You can continue to attack me, but I am finished as I truly feel sorry for you and your intense hate.

Ambulance Driver: Again, where do you get hatred from? I don't even know you, and I certainly don't hate you.

Do you always accuse people who disagree with you of hating you or being sociopaths?

People can't argue without hating each other?

I don't hate you, but I'll certainly agree that debating you is pointless. You're all emotion, no reason.


This is the level of discourse of people we have to contend with.

And they vote.




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