Das Boots

Testing a pair of Blauer Blitz 8″ tactical waterproof boots.


Blauer’s website says these things are lined with a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric called Dri-Lex, which is apparently synthesized from a proprietary blend of unicorn tears and awesomesauce.

This Dri-Lex stuff is also bonded with an antimicrobial barrier that kicks bad foot odor right in the jimmies.

We’ll just see about that. They ain’t met my odor-causing foot microbes yet.

But the coolest thing is the lacing system. All you namby-pamby, non-operator types use laces or zippers, but these babies use a braided stainless steel cable on a crank, baby!

Because, you know, when you’re in the shit, a real operator has better things to worry about than having his shoelaces come untied.

They feel okay so far. A little stiff, but not uncomfortably so. I’ll give you a more extensive review after I’ve beaten the crap out of them broken them in for a couple of weeks.