Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014 Starts Midnight Sunday!

Have you joined the Kilted Army?

Prize packages for the fundraising challenge are coming together, with some really nice schwag still yet to be added.

Sixteen fundraisers have set up teams, a number of supporters have pledged a portion of their business profits in September to KTKC, and the momentum keeps growing.

But we still need YOU to support us. If you’re of a gregarious bent and enjoy talking to people, join up as a Kilted fundraiser, spread the word about male-specific cancers, and start raising money!

If you’d prefer to avoid the spotlight but would still love to help in some way, then pick a fundraiser to support and chip in what you can. Link the KTKC website, share it with your friends on social media, and get the word out.

For those of you who can’t avoid the innumerable ALS Icebucket Challenges, I’ll introduce you to the last ice water challenge you ever need watch: Dunk Your Junk.

I’ve been called out by no less than five people to participate in the ice bucket challenge, for various charities (and long before ALS joined the bandwagon), and I’m keeping my word to participate, but here’s the twist:

  1. I’m doing it to support Kilted to Kick Cancer, and the Code Green Campaign. I’ll donate $50 to each of them, while dousing myself in ice water, while wearing a grass skirt and a coconut bra. Look for the video here on my blog some time in the coming week.
  2. I’m not challenging anybody else directly. None of this 24-hour stuff, no dares, and you don’t have to post a video dousing yourself, either. I am asking that all of my readers and friends reach out with what money you can, and support your favorite charity. I’d love it to be KTKC or Code Green, but any charitable organization will do. This isn’t about dares and one-upping the next guy, it’s about giving of yourself.

Now, when I do my #DunkYourJunk, I’m going to do it right. I will strap on my kilt (worn regimental, natch), and submerge myself in a barrel of ice water up to my, well… up to my junk, of course. Ever jumped in cold water rather than wade in, because you prefer to just get it over with, rather than the excruciating creep of cold up to your nethers?

Well, I’m doing it just the opposite, because that’s just how I roll, baby. And not just some tepid tap water with a few bags of ice thrown in, either. I’m talking COLD water, ice mostly melted, and the temperature prominently displayed for all to see.

And I’ll stay there a while, just to show off prove how committed I am.

And I’ve already called out everyone I’m going to call out. I’ll just ask you to support Team Ambulance Driver in the 2014 Kilted to Kick Cancer Fundraising Challenge. None of the board members for KTKC are eligible for the prizes; we’re just doing it for bragging rights.

And for those of you who support my fundraising efforts, here’s the sweetener: At Blogorado in early October, I’ll do the ne plus ultra of cold challenges. For those of you who fondly remember this scene from A Christmas Story, mine will be something similar, only involving an ice block and parts more intimate than my tongue.

I’m sure you can figure it out from there. And how long I remain on the block will depend entirely on how much money you help me raise. Hey, I’ve already waxed my junk for charity, and I’m sure nothing could be as traumatic as that.

And I triple dog dare the rest of the Kilted Army to top me.


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