Fundraising Update: September 27

Below are the fundraising totals as of 0700 CST, Saturday, September 27.


There are still $520 in donations that may have been claimed by teams or the donors in comments, we’re leaving those undesignated for now.  Those totals will be added in at the end, don’t worry about the funds you have already received!  Worry about the ones you still need to get!


Team Amount Donations
Team JayG 1841 40
Team Borepatch 1645 29
Team Ambulance Driver 865 14
Team HBC Concealment 818 11
Team USA Karate 735 8
Team McThag 750 12
Team Old NFO 620 13
Undesignated 520 11
Team Maltby 460 8
Team Brosius 365 7
Team Happy Medic 225 4
Team Soul Crusher 180 6
Team Coykendall 130 4
Team BWall 85 5
Team Guns & Coffee 76 6
Team Jason Gardiner 70 2
Team Oddball 20 1
Team Unwired Medic 20 1
Team Team Fe na Dli 20 1
Team Corpus Christi 10 1

We’re at $9,455, guys. We are THIS close to the $10,000 mark!

It’s time to call in favors, beg, take bets, and issue challenges, dares and double dog dares! Keep your foot on the gas!

While our fundraising drive and contest end at the end of September, our kilted efforts will not.  Cancer doesn’t suck for a month, then chill out all year long so neither will we.  Stay tuned for how Kilted to Kick Cancer will be making regular appearances each month and all year long!

Also thanks to your efforts, polo shirts and new T-shirts are in the works for you to actually wear to work without having to explain the guy bent over in a kilt. But isn’t that kind of the point?

Get out there and let’s reach for $10,000!


Get Kilted! Get Checked!

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