Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014: Only Five Days Left!

Okay, from here on out, I post daily updates of the standings. Fundraising total as of 11:30 am CST is $9160, and team standings for the 2014 Fundraising Challenge are:

  1. Team JayG:                                  $1,721
  2. Team BorePatch:                         $1,545
  3. Team Ambulance Driver:        $965
  4. Team HBC Concealment:          $818
  5. Team USA Karate:                       $735
  6. Team McThag:                              $685
  7. Team Old NFO:                             $620
  8. Team Maltby:                                $440
  9. Team Brosius:                                $365
  10. Team Happy Medic:                     $225
  11. Team Soul Crusher:                      $180
  12. Team Coykendall:                         $130
  13. Team Guns & Coffee:                    $76
  14. Team Jason Gardiner:                 $70
  15. Team BWall:                                   $50
  16. Team Oddball:                                $20
  17. Team Corpus Christi:                   $10
  18. Undesignated:                                 $505


And Team JayG roars into the lead! Will Team Borepatch knock his smug ass off his throne? Only the next five days will tell!

Only $840 to go to make $10k, and only $35 to go to make me and Stingray run the Kilted greased pig race at Blogorado!

We need to keep donating, folks. Now is the time to keep your foot on the gas. So here’s what you do:

First person to donate $35 to my campaign (click here, select “This donation is made as part of a Fundraising Team” and choose Team Ambulance Driver), and I’ll post a picture of myself.

In drag.

Or not post it, your choice. If you tell me not to post it, I won’t… unless someone donates more money than you and tells me to post it.

For the rest of you, donate to the Kilted Fundraiser of your choice. Here’s what I’d really like: pick one of the teams below $50, or one of the teams not yet on the board. Donate to their team, and get every single one of our fundraisers above the $50 mark.

Let’s get everybody into the $50 Club, and everyone already on the board into the $100 club.


Get Kilted, and get checked!

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