Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014: Week Three Standings



The total raised as of 10:00 CST, Monday September 22, is $7,569.

Team standings are:

  • Team BorePatch:                        $1,395
  • Team JayG:                                 $1,280
  • Team HBC Concealment:        $738
  • Team USA Karate:                     $735
  • Team Ambulance Driver:       $575
  • Team Old NFO:                           $570
  • Team McThag:                            $415
  • Team Brosius:                              $345
  • Team Maltby:                              $290
  • Team Happy Medic:                   $225
  • Team Soul Crusher:                   $160
  • Team Coykendall:                      $130
  • Team Jason Gardiner:               $70
  • Team Guns and Coffee:              $56
  • Team BWall:                                 $50
  • Team Oddball:                              $20
  • Team Corpus Christi:                  $10
  • Undesignated:                               $505

And team JayG roars into 2nd place, only $115 behind Team BorePatch!

We’re just $2500 or so from cracking $10,000 this year, and we only have eight days left.

Will you help us crack $10k?

Remember, if I crack $1,000 in Team Ambulance Driver donations, or if the overall fundraiser cracks $15,000, Stingray and I will do a kilted greased pig race at Blogorado in October.

Come on, people! Sweaty (and probably intoxicated) fat guy in a kilt, chasing a greased pig around a small enclosure? That’s entertainment you can’t put a price tag on!

But I will, and that price tag is $1,000.

I’m only $425 away. Donate what you can to help me reach my goal, and help raise money for male-specific cancer research. It’s important.

  1. Click the link.
  2. Select an amount to donate.
  3. Check the box that says, “This donation is made as part of a Fundraising Team.”
  4. Choose “Team Ambulance Driver.”
  5. Enter your info and click the Donate button.

Get Kilted! Get checked!

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