#NRAAM2018 Product Showcase: Mag Pump Magazine Loader

One of the neater doohickeys I saw at the NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas was the Mag Pump magazine loader. I can think of plenty of times on the range when I spent more time loading magazines than I did emptying them, and had the sore and skinned up thumbs to prove it. The times I’ve had the opportunity to fire weapons with a Happy Fun Switch (TM), the giggles of shooting full auto were dampened considerably by spending five minutes to load a magazine that I could empty in five seconds.

My range time is precious. I don’t get to go nearly as often as I’d like, and while I’m there, I’d rather spend my time shooting instead of loading. Enter the Mag Pump loader. This thing is neater than kitten toes, and one will wind up mounted on my workbench right next to my reloading presses.


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