#NRAAM2018 Product Showcase: Omega Custom Rifles

One of the more intriguing rifles I encountered at #NRAAM2018 was the switch-barrel rifle from Omega Custom Rifles. Omega is a veteran-owned company based in Meridien, TX, and features a product line of bolt-action rifles built on custom Stiller actions glass-bedded into carbon fiber stocks, but the really part is the option to switch barrels in the field in a matter of minutes. I’ll let Omega Rifles owner Wesley Hitt explain how it works:

Just loosen the collar at the recoil lug with a Torx wrench, unscrew the barrel, screw on a new one, dial in your scope dope for the new barrel, and you’re good to go!

I’ll be doing a T&E of the Carbon Hunter later this year for Blogorado, as well as their .375 Raptor upper on an AR10 platform. Just from scanning the ballistics of the .375 Raptor round, it looks like a real intermediate-range heavy hitter that ought to thump the biggest hogs I’m ever likely to encounter.

Can’t wait to tell you more about ’em!

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