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Amanda’s Angels


Read about Amanda Bernier, an volunteer firefighter and EMT from Madison, CT diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Amanda and her husband Chris are volunteers at North Madison Volunteer Fire Company.  Amanda was diagnosed just a few days after the joyous news that she and Chris were pregnant with their first child. In a cruel twist, Amanda ...

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Code Green Campaign Fundraiser


I know it seems that I post a lot of requests for charitable donations here on the blog. Well, at least it seems that way to me. But I’m really not a sucker for every cause that crosses my path, and I do get quite a few requests to publicize this or that cause. Enough so, that if I posted ...

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“We Don’t Serve Your Kind Here.”

Not the sort of thing you expect to hear when you’re white. Of course, hearing it when you’re black, or brown, or gay, or whatever the heck you are, isn’t something we should tolerate, either. Discrimination and bigotry is ugly in any form. But The Ex Missus and Husband-In-Law heard it a couple of weeks ago, from the desk clerk ...

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New Kicks


Evaluating a new pair of Blauer Clash LT 6″ tactical boots. Lightweight and designed for warm weather, they feel pretty good so far. Should have you a product review up in a couple of weeks.

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Off The Vine: The Wine Country EMS Symposium


Took a little trip to the left coast last week, to speak at Off The Vine: The Wine Country EMS Symposium at Santa Rosa Community College in Petaluma. I’d like to give a shout-out to the organizers and volunteers who put on the symposium. Small but growing conference, with great speakers like Tim Phalen, Sean Kivlehan, Chris Van Luen, Mike ...

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Inside EMS Podcast: Fire-Based EMS Smackdown!*

Special treat for you on this week’s episode of Inside EMS: Co-host Chris Cebollero and I square off against our sister podcast, those hose monkeys hydrant humpers smoke eaters knuckle draggers professional firefighters** over at The Command Post. Our topic: is fire-based EMS really a viable system model, compared to private or municipal third service? My position on this has ...

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For You EMS Types…

… Episode 11 is up on the Inside EMS podcast on EMS1. Co-host Chris Cebollero and I cover the latest EMS news and events, and go to war over helicopter vs ground-based EMS before we welcome Ben Chlapek to the Guest Table. Ben is a paramedic, fire chief and retired Lt. Colonel in the US Army, and has been doing ...

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A Bleg For a Good Cause

Folks, normally on this blog I only shill for charities. Well, mostly just one charity in particular, but you get the point. But of all the folks who donated so generously to that charity, the gun nut community gave the most by far. I’m asking you to help out a couple of members of our community, namely Sabra and Erik ...

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For you EMS Types…

… Episode 10 of the Inside EMS podcast is available on EMS1, our RSS feed, and iTunes. Last week we taped a portion of the podcast on location at the Connecticut EMS Expo, and we had the opportunity to talk with a handful of attendees on our topic this week: Is volunteerism good for the future of EMS? My take ...

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The Longest Day

Today marks the 70th anniversary of Operation Neptune, the deadly beach landings at Normandy, part of the larger Normandy invasion that was Operation Overlord. On this day, 2,499 American men lost their lives storming those beaches and parachuting into Normandy. Before Operation Overlord was concluded eighty-one days later, America had laid the lives of another  18,339 of its sons upon ...

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Inside EMS: Now On iTunes!

Episode 9 of the Inside EMS podcast with myself and Chris Cebollero is available for your listening pleasure. Give us a listen as Chris and I talk about the Field EMS Bill, and argue over the efficacy of ALS in prehospital care. At the Guest Table is Don Lundy, NAEMT President who talks about EMS advocacy and the implications of ...

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A Conference Renaissance

Just got back from the CT EMS Expo at the Mohegan Sun Resort yesterday, and wanted to give a public shout-out to the people who organized it. This conference was truly top notch. The venue, the staff, the events and entertainment, the speakers, and the level of organization was superb. It was a refreshing change from previous years, and I ...

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Connecticut EMS Expo


The Girlfriend and I are away from the Little Cottage In The Woods for the weekend, attending/speaking at the CT EMS Expo. This is my eighth time speaking in Connecticut; third time at their state conference, a couple of symposiums for the nice folks in Sharon, and three seminars for the guys at Emergency Resource Management. Let’s just say that ...

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Memorial Day


Monday is Memorial Day. Most of us will spend the weekend grilling burgers and visiting with relatives, or lounging on a beach somewhere, or watching a baseball game in an opulent stadium, overpriced beer and hot dog in hand. And most of us will have forgotten the meaning of the day. So when you partake in your Memorial Day festivities ...

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