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Yellow Freight Loses Entire @CharterArms Show Inventory

Oooh, that's gotta hurt.

Walking the show floor this morning, this sign attracted a lot of attention. Charter Arms shipped four crates to Nashville via Yellow Freight, plus a separate crate broken out from one of the others, with a separate tracking number and manifest. That fifth crate still hasn’t turned up. As it turns out, that crate contained approximately 70 guns in total, ...

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Checked In


Press pass in hand, route through the exhibit hall planned, caffeinated and fed, and soon to be posting stuff from the exhibit hall floor. Follow my Twitter feed (@AmboDriver) and look for the hashtag #NRAAM. Until then, here’s a pic of new friend and shooter Amy. Much ammo was turned into fun, smoke and noise yesterday.

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NRA Annual Meeting


I’m here, safely ensconced in our hotel room in Nashville with EMS Artifact. I’m thinking we’ll go pick up our press passes, and then there will be shooting, beer and barbecue this afternoon, although not necessarily in that order. Pics to follow, and regular updates will be posted from the press office. Stay tuned, but until then, here’s a funny:

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Inside EMS Podcast: The FTO and Mentoring

On this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I comment on the latest EMS news and events, and discuss the importance of the FTO being a teacher, mentor, and steward of the profession. Bottom line: if your agency’s FTO’s are chosen based upon seniority and protocol compliance instead of teaching ability and attitude, you’re doing it wrong. ...

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Book Review: The Book of Barkley


“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”  ~ Groucho Marx A worthy goal of any life is to aspire to be the person our dog thinks we are. I’ve been blessed enough to have two once-in-a-lifetime dogs in my life, and their love and companionship marked me ...

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Book Review: The Grey Man: PayBack

Spent an enjoyable night this weekend re-reading J.L. Curtis’ second book, The Grey Man: Payback. Payback is a strong sophomore effort from Curtis. Jim addresses the criticism of The Grey Man: Vignettes with an eye to honing his writing craft, and as a result, his second book is an even more entertaining yarn than the first. The plot development is ...

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Inside EMS Podcast: Next Generation 911

On this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I discuss Next Generation 911 and the potential for 911 PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) to send and receive data such as texts, video and photos. This is something that could really revolutionize EMS and public safety communication. In the news, we discuss the latest in the rash of ...

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Book Review: The Grey Man


I’m not quite sure when J.L. Curtis and I began following each other’s blogs, but I became aware of his writing chops almost seven years ago when I was writing the Perspectives series with Matt G. and Babs, RN. Old NFO sent me a submission for a prospective third installment, from the bystander’s perspective. Honestly, it was a terrific read. Sadly, ...

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For You Shooters…

… some blowhard you know has a new article in Shooting Illustrated. And while I may be writing about and teaching this stuff, credit should be given to the guy who developed the original curriculum. If your club or range would like a Emergency Medical Response for Range Safety Officers class, hit DiverMedic up on his blog. He’ll teach you ...

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Shooter Self Care at #NRAAM


Twelve slots still open for the Shooter Self Care class at the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, although I still need registration fees from a few of the people on my list. If you haven’t sent me the fee or registered at all, hit my email and PayPal donate link at the bottom of the blog ASAP. My vendor has ...

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Inside EMS Podcast: Violent Patients and Volatile Scenes

In this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and myself welcome defensive tactics expert Kip Teitsort to the Guest table, to discuss the recent suspension of two Glendale, AZ firefighters for striking a patient, and how departments can avoid such happenings in the future. Along the way, I piss off a whole bunch of people with my comments ...

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Metro Atlanta EMS Conference

Just a brief after-action report on the Metro Atlanta EMS Conference: Great folks, great venue, price you can’t beat. Seriously, $25 is a flat-out steal for three days of educational content of this quality, snacks and lunch provided. If you live in the southeast, you should definitely put this conference on your list to attend next year.

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