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Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014: The Standings

Well folks, we’re seven days into the Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014 Fundraising Challenge, and we’ve already raised over $2,000. Team standings as of noon CST, September 8 are: Team Donors Totals Team HBC Concealment 7 578 Team Borepatch 12 570 Undesignated 6 285 Team Old NFO 6 250 Team JayG 5 195 Team McThag 4 195 Team Ambulance Driver ...

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Kilted to Kick Cancer: Day 6

Kilted With Shine

Originally, I had planned a day at the lake on the jet ski, but bad weather changed those plans, so today is housekeeping day. As of 11:00 CST yesterday, my total in the fundraising challenge was $150, neck and neck with Team McThag and Team Borepatch for third place. Donations overall were $1530. That’s good, but we’d like it to ...

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Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014: Throwback Thursday


No new kilted pics today, given that I’m at work, so here’s one for you from 2011: Do me a huge favor, and click on this link. Pick “Team Ambulance Driver” from the drop down menu, and make a fully tax-deductible donation to benefit male-specific cancer research. It’s important.

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Are You Kilted? Well, Why Not?


Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014 has begun! Please, click here to donate to my fundraising campaign. Choose “Team Ambulance Driver” in the drop down menu, and donate what you can. All donations are tax deductible as 501(c)3 charitable donations. And if you’d like to play a more active role in fundraising, form a fundraising team and vie for one of ...

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Inside EMS Podcast: Should EMS Abandon the 24 Hour Shift?

In this week’s episode of Inside EMS, it’s all about the Benjamins. Co-host Chris Cebollero and I discuss Rural Metro’s decision to close most of its Indiana operations, laying off 361 EMTs in the process, a Virginia county’s program to cover ambulance co-pays for its residents, and a Missouri petition to halt outsourcing of ambulance billing. In our Clinical Issue, ...

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Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014 Starts Midnight Sunday!

Have you joined the Kilted Army? Prize packages for the fundraising challenge are coming together, with some really nice schwag still yet to be added. Sixteen fundraisers have set up teams, a number of supporters have pledged a portion of their business profits in September to KTKC, and the momentum keeps growing. But we still need YOU to support us. ...

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Kilted to Kick Cancer Is Only 10 Days Away!

There have been some big changes with Kilted to Kick Cancer in the past month, the biggest of which is our official 501(c)3 charity designation! If you plan to be one of our Kilted Fundraisers for 2014, we have a little change in the usual process. Just drop an email to, and tell him the name of the fundraising ...

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Product Review: Blauer Clash Boot

A couple months back, the folks at Blauer sent me a pair of their new Clash LT 6″ lightweight tactical boots to review. Now that I’ve had a couple of months beating around in them, I can give you my thoughts. The Clash LT lightweight tactical boot is designed for warm weather, and weighs in at just 18 oz. Made ...

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EMS Novelist Shout-Out: Racing the Reaper


A few months back, I got a book to review by paramedic and fledgling EMS novelist Jerrid Edgington. The book, Racing the Reaper, chronicles the life and times of fictional EMT Jacob Myers. From the Amazon synopsis of the book: After a life altering accident that nearly leaves Jacob Myers paralyzed, he feels his life is meant for something greater ...

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Inside EMS: Depression, Suicide and the Missouri Riots

In this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I discuss the latest EMS news and events, discuss why many EMS Quality Assurance programs don’t actually assure quality, and why we should be concerned about depression and mental illness among EMS providers. In our Guest Table segment, I interview Chris about the EMS response to the recent riots ...

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Inside EMS: Should EMS Personnel Be Armed?


For you EMS types, co-host Chris Cebollero and I revisit a hot topic in EMS, namely, whether ambulance crews should be allowed to carry concealed (or unconcealed) firearms. The topic always generates a great deal of heated debate from both sides, and it was brought back into the public’s eye with the recent thwarted mass-shooting at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital near ...

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O Captain, My Captain


Robin Williams, dead by apparent suicide at 63. This one hits me hard. When I stand up in front of a few hundred people and try my best to be funny and inspirational, I draw my schtick from two fathers: my old history professor Horace Perry Jones, and Robin Williams’ character John Keating in Dead Poets Society. All I ever ...

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Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014 Is Just Around The Corner!

Are you ready? We’ve raised over $50,000 in just 90 days over the past three years, and it’s just going to get bigger, and be a year-round thing from now on. Why, do you ask? Because Kilted to Kick Cancer is now a registered 501(c)3 charity! That’s right, what you helped start as a grassroots fundraising and awareness campaign has ...

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Million Dollar Ideers

For years, I’ve had a few ideas tossing around in my head, waiting for the day some generous venture capitalist would give me the money to implement them. He’d supply the money, I’d supply the design, EMS agencies and ambulance coach manufacturers would beat a path to my door, and I’d retire to my private island and wipe my ass ...

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