Gun Control and Social Engineering Masquerading as Public Health

On Kevin, MD (if you’re a medical type and don’t read his blog, you should), Dr. George Lundberg proposes that the AMA partner with the NRA at reducing gun crime.

We all know that, in contrast to rifles and shotguns, the only moving targets for hand guns are people; that the Congress and president in this century legislated that any size of ammo magazine and speed of gun firing was OK; that the National Rifle Association (NRA) is the most effective lobby since Cleopatra; and that the current version of the Supremes by John Roberts has determined that individual Americans have a constitutional right to bear arms.

Of course, after you read the whole post, it is apparent that by partner, he means, accept our position that guns are bad, based on emotion, superstition and junk science. Trust us, we’re doctors.

When you go fisk, please do so politely. Don’t go dirtying up Kevin’s comment section with bug-eyed shouts of “Shall not be infringed!”

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